I choose to fight the good fight and this is how I do it, educating people about cannabis through entertainment. Light it up and browse through the wide variety of videos because I'm sure you will find at least one that speaks to you. One love!

420 VLOG

I'm a Romanian living in the U.S.A from where I try to educate people on the matters of cannabis. Coming from a country where the stigma towards this plant is very much alive has determined me to take action. My goal is to inform and educate people and also through my own example to prove that all those old stigmas are just old propaganda.

Check out my Vlog!


All the videos where I talk about cannabis exclusively are here. Don't be shy, get your "learn" on!


If you like cooking or are just curious about it, then this series is for you. Take a look at how I play with flavors and aromas to create the most delicious cannabis-infused dishes.

Bon appetite!


I brought this cool B-real concept to the Romanian audience because I'm a big fan and I think it's an awesome concept for a show. That being said, light up because it's about to get smoky in here.

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